Experience Unprecedented Adventure

Launching Soon! A new 5E Adventure unlike any other. Enter into the Skylands realm where players find themselves suspended in the air of the Cloud Sea flying airships to navigate its treacherous routes.

If they can find their way around, they will enter a world of pirates and privateers, inventors and mages, a world where everyone seeks the same bounty. Don’t miss it sign up to be notified and become a VIP to get an exclusive One Shot when you pledge!

Skydrift is Live!

Skydrift is now live and funded on Kickstarter! Join in the adventure and help us reach the next goal!

Adventure Awaits Above the Clouds

Imagine a world where islands float in the sky, held aloft by ancient magic. The Skylands beckon daring adventurers to explore their mysterious heights, navigate perilously unknown islands, and uncover treasures beyond imagination. 

Shipwreck and Survival

The adventure begins amidst chaos. Shipwrecked and stranded on an unknown island, the party and their fellow adventurers must find a way to escape. But the Skylands are not for the faint-hearted. As they seek a path to freedom, they’ll encounter scavengers, cunning smugglers, and powerful factions vying for control of these airborne realms. Will they join forces with the noble Chancery, or align themselves with the cunning Morr Holdings? Their choices will shape the destiny of the Skylands.

The Dire Strait

Sailing through the treacherous Dire Strait is a test of skill and courage. Here, the sky is alive with danger—colliding islands, fearsome pirates, and mythical creatures await those who dare to cross. They’ll need a rare Skymap to navigate these hazardous waters. Will they brave the demon-cursed island of Iblis for the secrets it holds, or find another way to reach the goal?

What is a Node-Based Adventure?


With Skydrift: Bounty of Ashan, we introduce a Node-Based Adventure system that puts you in control, offering endless possibilities for dynamic and immersive storytelling.

Empower Your Storytelling

Our Node-Based Adventure system is designed to cater to the imaginative and reflective spirit of our players. This flexible adventure structure allows you to create a personalized journey where every decision branches into new and exciting paths. Gone are the days of rigid storylines; embrace a world where the unexpected becomes the norm, and every session is a fresh adventure.

How It Works

At its core, the Node-Based Adventure system breaks down the adventure into interconnected nodes—key story points that can be rearranged, expanded, or adapted on the fly. This approach ensures that your campaigns are never predictable, keeping both you and your players on the edge of your seats. Whether you’re exploring uncharted territories in the Skylands or encountering mysterious NPCs with hidden agendas, each node offers a unique twist to the tale.

Why Choose Node-Based Adventures?


  • Ultimate Flexibility: You’re always coming up with incredible ideas on the fly. Node-Based Adventures let you tailor the story exactly how you want. It adapts to your creative vision, making every session feel fresh and perfectly suited to the group’s style.
  • Keeps the Players Engaged: You love keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, and with Node-Based Adventures, every decision the players make matters. The branching narratives respond to their choices, keeping everyone excited and deeply invested in the story.
  • Efficient Preparation: I know you’re juggling a lot with work, study, and life. These adventures save you so much prep time. You’ll be able to focus more on the fun parts of GMing without the stress of extensive planning.
  • Encourages Your Creativity: Your ability to create unique worlds and stories is one of your biggest strengths. Node-Based Adventures provide the perfect framework to explore all your creative ideas, offering endless possibilities for new and exciting plot twists.
  • Empowers Player Agency: One of the best parts of your games is how much control you give everyone over their journey. These adventures enhance that even more, allowing the players to influence the story in meaningful ways and making each game feel personal and impactful.

Skydrift is Live!

Skydrift is now live and funded on Kickstarter! Join in the adventure and help us reach the next goal!

No More Mid-Game “Brain Freeze”

Skydrift weaves in contingency plans! The unique aspect of a node-based adventure means that we anticipate those player curveballs, providing clear paths to keep the narrative moving organically, even when things go off script. Navigate the Skylands with confidence knowing that twists and turns always lead to unique paths.

From Panic to Prep-Master


Spend less time stressing, more time enjoying your role as the GM. Our quick-read summaries, reference tables, and random events ensure you always have exciting content ready to go. Plus, the setting’s built-in lore offers endless inspiration to guide your players into the heart of Skylands.

Skydrift Encounters Pack


A collection of pre-built encounters, each with unique challenges and potential for side-quests.

Printable Reference Cards


Sets of cards that can be printed and used during gameplay. These include quick stats for NPCs and monsters, spell cards, and item cards, which help streamline gameplay and reduce the need for constant book referencing.


Challenge Your Players


The Skylands offer a wealth of challenges to test your players’ skills and wits, both in combat and exploration. Here are a few examples from the Skydrift campaign setting to inspire you:

Monsters Unlike Any Other:

  • Skywhales: These enormous, flying creatures could be mistaken for islands themselves. Skywhales can be benign filter-feeders, but may also be territorial or even predatory.
  • Dragons: The Skylands are home to a variety of dragons, from the territorial chimera encountered on the Dire Strait to the legendary creatures guarding the treasure on Ashan. These powerful beasts can do more than just breathe fire.
  • Harpy Flocks: Groups of these winged humanoids often prey on travelers and guard ruins or important locations nestled within the clouds. They’re cunning and dangerous in groups.

Environments that Defy Expectations:

  • The Dire Strait: This perilous region is filled with hazards, including unpredictable winds, shifting islands, and deadly whirlwinds. Players will need to use their skills and ingenuity to navigate these dangers.
  • Ashan: The island of Ashan is not only home to the legendary bounty, but also dangerous environments. Players may encounter volcanic terrain, lush jungles, and treacherous mountain ranges.

Moral Dilemmas:

  • The Bounty: The very nature of the bounty on Ashan is a moral quandary. Is it treasure or something more sinister? The characters may need to decide who deserves the bounty, if anyone.
  • The Chancery vs the Morr Holdings: The Skylands are caught in a cold war between two rival factions. The players may find themselves caught in the middle of this conflict and forced to choose sides.

Their Story Becomes Your Masterpiece


Watch your players make decisions that change the fate of the Skylands. Discover how their choices ripple outwards,creating moments of triumph, heart-wrenching sacrifice, and unforgettable consequences. Will they:

  • Side with Factions: Tip the delicate balance of power between the calculating Chancery or the industrial might of Morr Holdings. Their allegiances could reshape the political landscape.
  • Unravel Secrets of Ashan: Uncover the true nature of Ashan’s bounty. Will they claim it and risk its potentially devastating consequences, or make the difficult choice to let ancient mysteries remain buried?
  • Forge Alliances: Encounters with Skywhales, Cloud Giants, and even the spectral pirates of the Dire Strait may be hostile at first. Could players turn enemies into allies, shifting the tides of power in unexpected ways?

Skydrift offers limitless possibilities – the true epic unfolds with your players at its heart!

Skydrift is Now Live!

Skydrift is now live and funded on Kickstarter! Join in the adventure and help us reach the next goal!