Refund and Returns Policy

Hey, Adventurer! Some Basics to Know 🎲

Look, we get it—life doesn’t come with a rulebook (well, except for our games!). We’re real people behind these screens, doing our best to help you out. Got a question that’s not answered here? Just give us a shout. We’re a cozy crew, but we’re super committed to getting back to you throughout the week.

There are a couple of ground rules we’ve got to stick to when it comes to refunds, returns, or exchanges. We can’t help out if:

  • You’ve got a bit of a history bending our Refund, Return, and Exchange Rules.
  • You bought our stuff from someone else. Make sure you’re shopping directly from The Monster Directive to be sure.

Need a Refund? 💸

Hey, things happen! If you find yourself needing a refund for your loot, just reach out to us. We’ll check out what you’re eligible for. Just a quick note—if you’ve downloaded any digital treasures from your order, we can only do a partial refund. The cost of the downloaded items will be deducted.

Returning or Exchanging Gear 🔄

Need to send something back or switch it out? No biggie, but make sure to hit us up first. This lets our treasure-sorters know what to expect and how to handle your return properly. If you skip this step, we can’t promise a smooth experience.

Bought a digital rulebook and want to upgrade? Just pay the difference, and any shipping or taxes, and you’re good to go! Again, just let us know.

Order Cancellations 🚫

Once your loot is on the way (usually 24-48 hours after you’ve placed your order), we can’t call it back. But if you’re quick and catch it before it ships, you can totally cancel. To do that, contact us with:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. The email you used for the order (especially if it’s different from the one you’re using to chat with us now).
  3. Your order number.
  4. A quick explanation of why you’re bailing (so we can make things better next time).

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