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Have your dungeons come alive with a set of 8 separate dungeons (levels 1-4 and 5-10) culminating in a single megadungeon.

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Wandering dungeons is a range of eight old school style dungeons culminating in a single megadungeon which has been designed for new and experienced players to throw into their 5e DnD games.

Wandering dungeons has been tailored for a party of 4 to 5 players of a specified level range. You can choose to start at the first dungeon level and move through or simply throw a single dungeon in when you’re in need.

The concept behind a wandering dungeon is that like the rest of your world it is a living thing and monsters move around, take over when another has left or even simply patrol its dark depths.

Wandering Dungeons includes the following for every dungeon:

A Map. Can’t have a dungeon without a map. The maps each have 3 entry points for your players to make their way into the dungeon itself. It also includes a legend so there’s no guessing what the different symbols mean and reduce flicking through pages to find them.

Dungeon Dressings. These are short descriptions of the look and feel of the dungeon from basic appearances, lighting, plant life or animals present. With any of these, you can use it or you can put your flavour into it to suit your campaign setting.

The Hook. Sometimes the hardest thing is getting the players invested in going into the dungeon. Provided are 3 Hooks each with a different incentive to get your players wanting to delve deeper.

The Map Key. One of the most essential components of a map is its key. The key lets you know what’s in every room and what’s lurking around every corner. Every room has its own key which is designed for quick reference.

Wandering Monster Table. An optional extra if you feel that your players need some unpredictability. This is also what makes the dungeon feel alive. The table is designed to throw random encounters at your players to keep them on their toes OR to refill sections of a dungeon which have been “cleared”. Each dungeon has 10 encounters you roll to see which one the adventurers face.


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