The Side Quest Chronicles: A Journey of Epic Adventure


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A collection of 100 side quest ideas for your next fantasy ttrpg adventure.


This collection of 100 side quests is designed to spark those moments of imagination and creativity inside you. With the main quests usually in the forefront of our minds, it can be easy to jump from one place to another with only a *wandering monster table standing between them.

These side quests have those moments in mind, small achievable objectives that can break up your story. They’ll let the players explore the world more and provide a less intense leave or life experience. Twist, turn and meld them into your world how you see fit. The side quests are across each of the locations you might need something to side track in; the ocean, forest, mountain, desert and city.

*Disclaimer: I have nothing against wandering monster tables (if you’ve seen my previous work) and think they are a brilliant resource for bringing worlds and dungeons to life.


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