The Game Masters Grimoire: 100 Dungeon Entrances


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Unlock the door for your players with 100 Dungeon Entrances


The second in the series of The Game Masters Grimoire isĀ 100 Dungeon Entrances.

This book features 100 meticulously crafted dungeon entrance descriptions, setting the stage for unforgettable adventures in various fantastical worlds. No dungeon can be complete without ways to get in and out. Who’s to say that the entrance always has to have the sign painted “Dungeon” sitting out the front? Although my players would immediately become suspicious of such a thing.

The entrance can be just as exciting as the dungeon itself, and there’s no better story players will tell later than how they found the secret way into the depths avoiding traps and enemies through their genius.

The entrance is just the beginning, but a great start sets up the rest of the adventure.


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