TGMG: Lethal Labyrinths a Compendium of Traps PF2 Edition


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Master the art of deception and danger with 200 Traps designed to test your players minds and patience in 5e and PF2.


The fourth and final instalment in the dungeon part of The Game Master Grimoire series is 200 Traps your players may come across or trip up within a dungeon in 5th edition or Pathfinder 2nd Edition. It also includes information on balancing and improvising with traps on the fly.

A game master’s dungeon toolbox is incomplete without the clever tricks and hidden dangers of traps. From classic pitfalls to complex magical snares, this book has you covered. With 200 ready-to-use trap designs, including a trigger, its effect and even the description you could read your players as it blows up or shoots them in the face, your campaign will never lack suspense or surprise.

Keep your players on their toes and your campaigns thrillingly unpredictable. Elevate your game to the next level, where danger lurks around every corner, and survival isn’t guaranteed – it’s earned!

Introduction to Traps: This section will cover the basic concept of traps, their purpose, and their potential impact on gameplay and story.

Types of Traps: This is where the magic or no magic lies. This section contains all 200 traps! The traps have been separated out into four different types; Mechanical, Magical, Psychological and Environmental.

Improvising with Traps: This section offers advice on how to improvise with traps based on player actions, suggesting ways to adapt and modify trap effects or consequences on the fly.

Balancing Challenge and Fun: A guide on how to use traps in a way that adds challenge but doesn’t frustrate players or hinder game progress.


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