Pocketful of Wonders


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100 Fantastic Treasures Discovered in Unassuming Pouches or Pockets.

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You move quickly and silently through the winding alleys of the city. The shadows seem almost alive, curling around your fingers like an eager partner in crime as if beckoning you to those places where pockets filled with trinkets await. With the help of a sleight of hand trick, you pluck them away as though they were made of smoke before melting back into the darkness.

The old alley seems to have a life of its own, with the shadows playing tricks on your eyes as you stare down from one end to the other. You spot a small brown pouch tucked away in an apparent corner and approach it cautiously. As you gingerly pick up the leather envelope and look inside, you are greeted by a shower of gems that seem to glitter in gentle defiance at being found after having been long forgotten.

Players love to pilfer pockets. It happens all the time, and sometimes coming up with ideas beyond “you find 3 copper” can be difficult. Especially when you’re thinking about the interaction with the NPC or how the events around the players are moving.

That’s what The Pocketful of Wonders is all about.

A collection of 100 different groups of items that could reasonably be found in someone’s pockets or a pouch. How the players come across these is up to you. It may be within a dungeon, an alley or a passerby. If your players love the thrill of rolling a successful check to pry someone’s hard-earned purse from their pocket and offer them a ceremonious drink to make them forget.

This is for you.


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