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Joining the Giants


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A 5e supplement with new Giant Lineages and a new Class empowering your players to become giants.

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Joining the Giants is your way to finally take on the role of a giant in your next 5e adventure.

When you picture playing a giant you see yourself smashing through buildings and rampaging armies with creatures and things flying through the air from your mighty strength.

So you go to the sources, pick out all the options which have the flavour of a giant and even cause you to become larger for a limited time. Except that’s where it ends and it’s disappointing. A single d4 to represent your newfound power, it’s not even worth attempting to play one anymore.

So the dream ends and you move on.

Joining the Giants scraps the fear that being a giant is going to be game breaking and lets you have it all. You’ll feel like you’re towering above the trees, stomping through hordes of monsters and attempting to hide in the most unlikely places.

It’s one thing to say you’re going to be able to play a giant and another to actually feel it.

Joining the Giants has been designed so that giants don’t become the only choice. It’s been designed so that one or even the entire party can choose to play one.

In fact, sometimes it may not be advantageous to be one (although the thought of a giant trying to sneak around unaware will bring some great roleplaying situations to the table).

To empower you to become a giant you have a couple or choices.

The first is to select one of the 14 different Giant Lineages which have all been created so that if this is your only option, you’ll still feel like a giant playing one.

The second is to not only choose a lineage but to use the new Giant Class and Subclasses; Boulder Berserker, Runecaster and Voracious Eater.

Boulder Berserker. The Boulder Berserker has taken boulder throwing to the next level. Fast, accurate and deadly even if a creature manages to see the boulder, it’s normally too late.

Runecaster. The mystical art of inscribing objects with magical power has allowed giants to not only imbue their weapons with the flames of hell but raise entire fortresses into the sky before letting them come crashing down.

Voracious Eater. Voracious eaters are some of the most feared of all giant-kind, every giant who chooses this path no matter how they go about it has one goal, to eat.


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